Learn to ski with BOBO the Penguin

In Penguin BOBO’s KINDER-CLUB® children and youngsters in the age between 3 and 13 learn to ski with fun and success. Penguin BOBO is not only the mascot of the KINDER-CLUB, but also a good friend on the ski slope.

The pedagogically sophisticated learning system does not follow a rigid system but responds to each individual ski student according to predefined criteria - based on the ski curriculum of the ski instructors' associations, the latest sports medicine findings, and creative pedagogical learning skills. Depending on skill and age, the ski students are allocated into four groups. A weekly guide and a 10-step programme for each group provide the ski instructors with a comprehensive teaching programme in which there is no lack of fun and games thanks to the accompanying story of BOBO the penguin and his skiing exercises.

Just like this skiing holidays with children become a special experience. Every year, around 150,000 children visit the KINDER-CLUBs® ski schools in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.