Penguin BOBO's Story

BOBO is doing what young, cheeky penguins love to do. He is going for a ride on an iceberg. "It's cosy here," says BOBO. "The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and my iceberg is a crazy-fast turbo iceberg."

But the unpredictable happens and penguin BOBO ends up in the middle of nowhere. There are mountains there, but they are not made of ice, they are made of stone and have lots of glittering snow on top. Here he meets Pummel, the little girl, and Mr. Ice King in an ice cream parlour. What Penguin BOBO doesn't suspect at this moment: together they will experience many adventures in the white mountains.

But to do so, Penguin BOBO first must learn how to ski - at the ski school, of course!

A glorious day for skiing. Pummel and BOBO race tirelessly down the snowy slopes. Sometimes BOBO goes ahead and waits for Pummel before the next hill. But this time, instead of Pummel, only a white cloud of snow and a tangle of skis and poles come slithering along. A snowboarder has collided with Pummel and brought her down.

"Hey, can't you be careful?" the boy asks cheekily after he has freed himself from the fluffy snow. Pummel is red with anger. "You came from behind and ran me down, you blind nut. "

I wonder what will happen next? This is part of the great story of penguin BOBO and his friends.