Why we are more than just a good partner

We - ITS SPORT & FUN GmbH - understand franchising as a partnership at eye level with a common goal: shining children's eyes, successful ski training and a lasting effect on our customers. Ski schools and instructors for whom skiing and teaching skiing is more than just a job are in good hands in the association of now more than 40 ski schools in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The success of the last three decades shows that the international association of ski schools under the umbrella brand Penguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB® brings added value in the organisation, execution, and publicity of the ski course product. Together with Penguin BOBO, we are creating a magical ski world in which each individual partner ski school can also decide and participate in the brand and the product Penguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB®.

As the franchisor for all Penguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB® ski schools, ITS SPORT & FUN GmbH imparts the latest knowledge in the management of children's ski schools/kindergartens and childcare. ITS - SPORT & FUN GmbH provides training & consulting services, in particular the initial training of the ski school, during which the ski school is informed about the peculiarities of the franchise system and the necessary knowledge for running the KINDER-CLUB® is imparted. ITS - SPORT & FUN supplies the KINDER-CLUB® ski schools with the necessary materials (operating materials, advertising materials, merchandise) which are only accessible to the KINDER-CLUB®s and ITS - SPORT & FUN GmbH.


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