Learning Programme and Division

KINDER-CLUB® ski schools are characterised by a pedagogically sophisticated learning system and specially trained ski instructors. The learning system does not follow a rigid system but responds to each individual ski student according to predefined criteria - based on the skiing curriculum of the skiing instructors' associations, the latest sports medicine findings, and creative pedagogical learning skills. Children from 3 to 15 years old are allocated into four groups depending on ability and age.

A weekly guide and a 10-step programme for each group provide the ski instructor with a comprehensive teaching programme. With the accompanying four-part audio plays about penguin BOBO and his skiing exercises, there is no shortage of fun and games either.
What is learned is documented in the KINDER-CLUB® ski school. This gives every child the ideal start for the next ski course - whether a month later or in the next winter season.

To assess the ability of one's own children in advance, corresponding classification videos are available.

Bambini & Group 1


  • Children from 3 to 4 years
  • Getting to know the snow
  • Playing in the snow
  • First steps

Group 1

  • Children from 5 years
  • First skiing days
  • Skating (shooting)
  • Snow brake

Group 2

  • Plough turning (plough bend)
  • Lift riding
  • First descent

Group 3

  • Improve plough turning (plough bend)
  • Speed control
  • Blue slopes

Group 4

  • Plough steering
  • Combination of plough bend and parallel
  • Inclined driving
  • Door open / door closed
  • Easy red slopes

Group 5

  • First parallel turning
  • Travelling at an angle - door open / door closed (parallel) 
  • Higher speed
  • Red slopes

Group 6

  • Children - Parallel turning with stick

Group 7

  • Children - Improve parallel turning

Group 8-10

Group 8

  • Carving
  • Introduction Freestyle

Group 9

  • Racing techniques
  • Freestyle

Group 10

  • Application of all learnt techniques
  • Racing
  • Freeski
  • Freeride & moguls