Group 2

Whiz down into the new group

Braking, turning and speeding down the slopes are already child's play for you. 

So let's continue with the course, and you'll be a professional in no time! In the coming days you'll learn traversing, playing basketball on turns, the big wave and much more.

Along the way you can find out things like "How should my ski shoes feel so that I can ski as well as possible?"

Pinguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB© | Pinguin BOBO fährt Tellerlift

This is what you'll learn in Group 2

  • check-iconSnowploughing around an obstacle
  • check-iconTraversing
  • check-iconSmall jumps
  • check-iconBasketball around turns
  • check-iconBig wave

We will also answer the following exciting questions:

  • How does BOBO the penguin collect milk from farmers?
  • How does the correct ski shoe feel?
  • What are the piste colours good for?
  • What kind of things can be found in the woods?
Pinguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB© | Pinguin BOBO's Freund der Eiskönig