Group 1

On the slopes, ready, set, go!

You have already completed your first days of skiing. You now know about the skis, helmet and fastenings, and tightening the ski shoes is also no longer a problem for you.

Then a new exciting challenge awaits in group 1: Downhill skiing with throwing and catching, or the large and small pizza. Stopping, snowploughing to a goal and making individual turns are also part of the fun! You will have learnt it all in no time.

Pinguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB© | Skifahren lernen leicht gemacht

This is what you'll learn in group 1

  • check-iconDownhill skiing with throwing and catching
  • check-iconLarge and small pizza
  • check-iconSnow plough stopping at a goal
  • check-iconMaking individual turns
  • check-iconMaking short and long turns

We will also answer the following exciting questions:

  • What's the difference between gloves and fingerless gloves?
  • What does a piste snake look like and what rules do you have to follow?
  • What do the four seasons look like and what is special about the winter?
  • How does the warm-up boogie go?
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