Brand philosophy

In an age of Game Boys, PlayStations and the Internet, it is not always easy to entertain children with fairy tales and folklore. But who hasn't seen children's eyes shining when their grandparents tell gruesome stories from their childhood and teenage years? These descriptions are often hard to picture, especially for children who live their lives among high-rise buildings and asphalt roads. So what motivates these grannies and granddads to tell such stories to their grandchildren? Why, their shining eyes of course!

Pinguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB© | Philosophie

Children's eyes are most likely to shine if...

  • the focus is on games, fun and excitement, because neither children nor adults enjoy learning by rote.
  • the teaching content and equipment are coordinated to meet the children's requirements.
  • the success of the course is measured by the children's happiness and not their technical learning achievements.
  • the most important element is creating unforgettable childhood experiences.
  • everyone gets more joy from working with children and develops more patience, a greater ability to empathise and greater commitment. It's not a calling, but you need to bring enthusiasm and be ready and willing to face new challenges.

The Pinguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB® was founded in 1994 as an initiative by a group of ski school operators in Tyrol. The idea was to provide a programme just for children which would not just offer a perfect skiing technique for the youngest visitors, but would also bring a child-friendly atmosphere to the whole learning experience on the piste.