BOBO knows what children need

The children's ski schools which work with BOBO the Penguin are committed to sharing the joy of skiing with children with the help of up-to-date expertise, high standards of ski instruction and the utmost safety.

1. KINDER-CLUB® philosophy in brief

The winter landscape is the most beautiful playground, and it was created by nature for your children. Everything that children learn while skiing is for their own benefit. Pinguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB's® can only give an example, and reveal a few secrets.

Children learn from one another and are, in turn, teachers for other children. The energy of a group of little rascals scurrying around is incomparable. The children's pleasure is the only mark of success. It's an amazing feeling to expand the limits of their abilities, and it is up to each individual to decide these limits for themselves. The greatest show of trust that parents can make is to give their children to someone else to look after. But trust also means letting go. Children want to learn, and to surprise you with what they can do.

Pinguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB© | Philosophie

2. BOBO the Penguin

In the KINDER-CLUB®, each child immediately makes a new friend: BOBO the Penguin, our beloved mascot. BOBO the Penguin represents creativity, child-oriented psychology and a whole load of fun - a real pal in the wintry world. From the warm up with the 'BOBO Boogie' to the Penguin prize-giving for the final run, BOBO the Penguin is there every step of the way - and if your children suddenly start speaking 'penguin-flipper speak', BOBO the Penguin is the culprit.

Pinguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB© | in 11 Stufen vom Anfänger zum Profi

3. KINDER-CLUB® ski instructors

BOBO's KINDER-CLUB® is here to make your children happy. 'Ski instructors' is simply a collective term for your little ones' new sporty friends, who have all been trained specifically to work with children and teach them social skills instead of run of the mill education. Your children will learn to ski on the basis of the skiing curriculum developed by the ski instructors' associations and based, of course, on the latest insights from sports medicine.

Pinguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB© | Kinderskikurse

4. KINDER-CLUB® terrain

Pinguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB® ski schools operate according to the latest safety standards. Targeted training courses for our staff, coupled with the child-friendly layout of the terrain, ensure that any dangers are managed and limited to the greatest possible extent. Name stickers, a uniform for staff and signposts with symbols mean that even children unfamiliar with the location can find their way around easily - a Pinguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB® is hard to miss! Our technical equipment and materials are state of the art. We don't care about brands or fashion: sports gear and equipment are aids which should meet your children's needs.

Pinguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB© | Skifahren lernen mit BOBO dem Pinguin