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Busslehner ski school, Achenkirch

Phone: +43/5246/6316 Contact us!

About Us

More than 45 years of experience and competence in winter sports means our ski school is a partner that you know you can trust. Discover the joy of winter sports or expand and improve your skill. It's easy to enjoy your holiday at Busslehner ski school, and so much fun!


Top Offer


For kids from 3 to 4 years 10.00-12.00

2 hours in the morning - skiing fun for the little ones. GAME and FUN and getting to know SNOW and SKI are at the forefront!


1 day Miniclub

2 days Miniclub

3 days Miniclub

4 days Miniclub

5 days Miniclub

from 45 €

Contact / Location

Map and Routes: how to find us

Ski school director:
Christian Busslehner

Skischule Achenkirch
Christian Busslehner
Dorfstraße 185
6215 Achenkirch

T: +43/5246/6316
F: +43/5246/6580

Opening hours: 08:30 – 18:00 every day

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