Group 8 - Carving & Race

Final spurt

Now you've really come a long way. It won't take long until you can ski completely by yourself.

Now the point is to further improve your moves: that means using poles together with your short turns. You'll also hear about carving, but what is it?

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This is what you'll learn in group 8

  • check-iconCarving
  • check-iconLong and short radii
  • check-iconFunnel and corridor
  • check-iconHotline
  • check-iconTiming for the turn

We will also answer the following exciting questions:


  • What types of lifts and cable cars are there?
  • What types of avalanches are there?
  • What are the eight green rules in the woods?




Pinguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB© | Pinguin BOBO's Freund das Eichhörnchen