Group 4

You can do it!

You're improving! Practise makes perfect and you are the best example! Now you'll learn some new skills.

Starting with skate turning, later we'll try much more on a blue slope, such as two-person team chases ...

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This is what you'll learn in group 4

  • check-iconSkate turning
  • check-iconCurvet
  • check-iconSlalom down to the ice-cream shop
  • check-iconChases in two-person teams on a blue piste
  • check-iconSnowplough steering with changing radius

We will also answer the following exciting questions:


  • Snow penguin and fin speech - what is penguinish like?
  • What skis does a good skier need?
  • What are FIS rules 3-6?
  • Who are BOBO's friends in the winter forest?




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