Group 3

Practise makes perfect

Skiing is great, isn't it? But you have to stay on the ball, to keep improving, because no-one is born a master skier.

In group 3 you learn the snowplough stop command, the hockey stop, side slipping, traversing with inclines and snowplough steering.

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This is what you'll learn in Group 3

  • check-iconSnowplough stop on command
  • check-iconTraversing with an incline
  • check-iconSide slipping
  • check-iconHockey stop
  • check-iconGate open - gate closed (snowplough steering)

We will also answer the following exciting questions:

  • What is the difference between gloves and fingerless gloves?
  • What does a piste snake look like and what rules do you have to follow?
  • What do the four seasons look like and what is special in the winter?
  • How does the warm-up boogie go?



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