Group 11 - Style and Formation

Once a professional, always a professional - Become a skiing instructor

Focus once more on perfecting your timing. Our professional skiing instructors will be sure to provide you with great support.

Wedel down the black piste and attract everyone's attention! Now you're a true professional!

Pinguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB© | Mit Freude Skifahren lernen

This is what you'll learn in group 11

  • check-iconRhythmic skiing with short and long radii
  • check-iconVary the rhythm and radius in time
  • check-iconWedeling on red and black pistes
  • check-iconSynchronised skiing in a group of 4

We will also answer the following exciting questions:


  • How is aprés ski enjoyed?
  • Who has to clear up after a show or race?
  • How can you learn to become a skiing instructor? 
Pinguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB© | Pinguin BOBO's Freund der Hirsch