Ski course for the little ones

Finally! There is snow on the mountains and you're about to enjoy your first days of skiing. Then it's time to get up, clean your teeth, put on some sunscreen and get to the ski school to meet BOBO the penguin and his friends.

But what do you need to go skiing and what do you have to pay attention to on the mountain? 

With us you can familiarise yourself with the skiing equipment at your own pace and try your first moves on the skis. 

Pinguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB© | Pinguin BOBO und seine Freunde

This is what you'll learn at the Bambini ski course

  • check-iconPutting on and taking off the skis
  • check-iconWalking with and without a magic carpet conveyor
  • check-iconWhizzing down
  • check-iconPizza brake
  • check-iconTransporting milk cans through turns

We will also answer exciting questions, such as:

  • What's the difference between pack ice and vanilla ice (cream)?
  • What underwear should I wear for skiing?
  • How do you build a snowman?
  • What animal tracks can I see in the snow?
Pinguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB© | Pinguin BOBO's Freund der Vogel