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Ski and snowboard school Kühtai

Hours of quality skiing in Kühtai 

Tradition, expertise and passion for winter sports - it is thanks to these qualities that a course at the number one ski and snowboard school in Kühtai is such an amazing experience. The certified ski, snowboard and cross-country instructors take every care of their protégés, as do the ski and mountain guides. Children who are just discovering skiing enjoy Penguin BOBO's KINDER-CLUB® in Kühtai and its great courses. Wherever the students are - on the slopes, in the dwarf lion land kids’ area, taking part in avalanche training or touring on one of the 30 snowy peaks in the Kühtai - the courses revolve entirely around their needs and skill levels. 


All-round service 

The office of the ski school is centrally located right next to the ski lift and ski pass counter. As a partner of the Heidegger sports and hire shop, customers of the first ski and snowboard school in Kühtai benefit from fantastic offers. What’s more, one of the three shops is located right next to the ski school office. Every two to three weeks the pros from the first ski and snowboard school Kühtai demonstrate their skills in a ski show. The spectacular tricks and stylish descents delight the spectators, as do the performances of BOBO the Penguin. A special feature of the ski school Kühtai is the in-house bag jump. For everyone aged ten and over we also offer jump training complete with safety air bag - and loads of fun!