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Our team

Our team of outstandingly well-trained and state-certified ski instructors, mountain and ski guides is at your disposal.


Our team

  • consists of locals who know the ski resort and know where the most beautiful pistes are to be found
  • is qualified, which means that your success in learning and safety are guaranteed
  • speaks your language
  • is both young and young at heart
  • has many years of experience
  • has been working with us for many years
  • consists of people who love their job, other people and, in particular, children 
  • offers private & group lessons 

...and is above all looking forward to meeting YOU!

Join with us to experience the kick that will turn your winter holiday into an unforgettable experience!


Harald Juen

My alpine expertise:

  • Authorised mountain and ski guide
  • Graduate winter sports instructor
  • Snowboarding instructor
  • Cross-country skiing teacher
  • Tyrolean canyoning guide
  • Mountain rescue association member
  • Authorised ski escort


My experience/specialist area

I passed my mountain guide examination at the age of 20.

I have guided guests throughout the Alps, focusing on high altitude tours in the Eastern and Western Alps. I've done it all: mountain biking in Pakistan, trekking on six thousanders in Nepal, Morocco, Turkey and ski tours in the Elbrus region. I've served as an expedition leader in Peru, Pamir, Africa and Asia; I have frequently visited Japan to go touring or skiing. I took over the running of the Landeck-Zams-Fliess Tyrolean winter sports school from my father and have been the director of the ski school since 2001. I'm ready for anything!