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Our team

The Management and Team of the Obergurgl Skiing School invests day after day with a lot of dedication to ensure that you have a smooth end enjoyable skiing experience.  To this end, we have appointed competent individuals the heads of specific areas - who will support the skiing instructors in finding the appropriate group for you and quickly resolving any issues which arise. 

The Obergugl Skiing School currently employs about 100 snow sports instructors as core personnel - and even more during holiday season.

When it comes to our skiing school's skiing instructors, quality and flexibility are paramount.  We only employ the best-trained and most dedicated trainers.  Our guests should not leave for home as satisfied - but rather as enthusiastic - guests.   An exciting "Highlight" helps us in this cause.  The Obergurgl Skiing School Ski Show, every Tuesday evening on the Festkogl.