The KINDER-CLUB® was founded in 1994 as an initiative by a group of ski school operators in Tyrol. The idea was to provide a programme just for children, with age-appropriate skiing-based childcare which would not just ensure a perfect skiing technique for the youngest visitors, but would also provide a child-friendly atmosphere to the whole learning experience on the piste.

A ski school for children requires particular expertise

The ingenious teaching concept centres around a 4-part audio play, which tells the story of the adventures of BOBO the Penguin and his journey to the Alps, as well as around child-oriented teaching materials. All satisfy the following basic principles:

  • Motivation
  • Child psychology
  • Safety
  • Educational learning
  • Recognisability

Implementing a robust idea needs robust partners. This is why the KINDER-CLUB® ski schools regularly participate in workshops that explain the philosophy behind the concept. Above all, however, they provide practical tips on looking after children. The key element lies in connecting the lesson content from the skiing course to the story of BOBO the Penguin.